Monday, July 13, 2009

Rainbow flowers


Dress: Oasis, cardigan: French Connection, shoes: Aldo, pencil necklace: 1928

This is my favorite go-to outfit for hot days when I still have to look somewhat professional. Almost everything was on sale when I bought it, including the dress and the cardigan, which I purchased on our honeymoon in Union Square, San Francisco. You can't see it in this photo, but there are pintucks near the hem of the dress, and pintucks and lace inset detailing on the cardigan as well. I love the shoes, which I got on sale from Aldo here in Taipei. I bought them in another colorway as well. They remind me a bit of the 1920s reproduction shoes from Remix Vintage Shoes and are pretty comfortable. The heat, humidity and frequent showers in Taiwan has not been good for my vintage items and so I've been looking for new clothing with a vintage flair. I'm sad because I brought quite a few nice vintage sundresses over with me when I moved here, but now I'm afraid to wear them unless I know that I'll be indoors all day with access to air conditioning. Alas.

I wore this to go have lunch at El Toro in Xinyi District (read my review of it here). I highly recommend it -- it's world-class, modern Spanish food updated with molecular gastronomy techniques and served in a very relaxed and casual atmosphere.


  1. Your outfit is so lovely!! I can only imagine how hot is must get in Taiwan!!

    Thanks so much for your super sweet comment! I love your blog!

  2. Great dress! I love your whole outfit. And those shoes are so spunky!! Nice touch! I will have to visit your other site. I am always meaning to practice my Chinese! (I took three courses) but it's so hard when you don't have a class or teacher to force you!

  3. Such a pretty dress! I love the shoes, too.

  4. You look so lovely, those shoes are so nice!

  5. You look so radiant! I am in love with the dress and the flower-like pictures you tacked on the photo is a lovely addition :)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    renwore--Thanks! The doilies are from a Japanese clip art book I bought at Eslite here in Taipei. Japanese clip art books are the best!

  7. your dress is soo adorable!! i love the cute little cardi too, perfect pairing :)