Monday, April 5, 2010

What I'm Sproutin': Bunny Malone

The Renegade Bean: Bunny Malone
Cardigan: American Apparel, bunny t-shirt: Mono+ in Singapore, skirt: American Apparel, tights: Night market, shoes: Green Pine @ Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (新光三越), vintage sweater clips: Night market, red coral necklace: self-made
Behold, my bunny tee, just in time for Easter! I bought it during my trip in Singapore from Mono+ on Haji Lane. My second favorite thing about this outfit is that my skirt and tights are the exact same color, despite being bought at two different stores in two different countries on two different continents. As you can imagine, this gave me many hours of amusement and glee.

Here's a close-up of the bunnies:


Speaking of furry creatures, here is my cat rejecting my lovin':



Boohoohoo, Taroko George

Taroko George doesn't actually hate me. He just hates being held. In fact, he's cuddled up on my stomach right now, looking very dashing in his new argyle collar (his days of running around naked are over!).


  1. Cute bunny top!
    Oh, I love when you end up with two things that match perfectly from different places.

  2. OK! I know exactly how hard it is to find a coordinating black, especially among pieces from 2 different lines. Kudos! Second, that bunny tee is a hoot, and I'll bet you made some folk smile simply by your wearing it. Third, cats are other-worldly beings... I swear if there is any credence to string theory, cats see alternate "strings".

    Hugs from Chi-town.


  3. That top is awesome. Love the second photo of you and your kitty.

    Lulu Letty

  4. oh my goodness, those pictures are TOO funny!

  5. Im loving the tee! You look comfortable but still chic! Bravo!

  6. That bunny top is pretty amazing! It's like looking into one of those whatchamacallits. Ok, I have no idea what they're called, but that's what it looks like when you look through them!

  7. So cute. I am scared of cats tho :O

  8. oh i am in love with that bunny tee!!!! it is perfect! i love how abstracted the print looks from just a few feet away. so it is cute, but not overly so.

    and i am cracking up at that last photo of your kitty escaping down your leg. ~joelle

  9. Such an adorable outfit.Wish i owned something with bunnies on it:)

  10. the pictures with your cat are too funny! love them!

    and i adore the bunny t-shirt. what a great outfit.