Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Heart La Petite Mu Mu

Mu mu at the window
Photo from the first roll taken with my Rolleicord Vb. For more pictures, check out my other blog.

I discovered La Petite Mu Mu at last July's Taipei Toy Festival and just had to take her home with me. She's one of the most gorgeous toys I've ever seen! I love those colorful raindrops on her blue coat.

La Petite Mu Mu by Fion Ko

Mu Mu is by Hong Kong artist Fion Ko and according to her bio, she's a four-year-old girl who "lives in a featherlike dream." When she isn't hanging out by the window or standing guard in front of my quilt fabric, Mu Mu keeps my husband company on his desk and hides from our crazy cat.

I have a lovely collection of toys I want to photograph. Many of them are from Hong Kong's Crazy Label. Are there any toy collectors reading this blog? What kind of toys do you collect? What do you do with them (photography, display, flipping the lights on really quickly so you can catch them while they are still up and about and before they turn back into toys, etc.)?


  1. flipping the lights on really quickly so you can catch them while they are still up and about and before they turn back into toys, etc.
    Hahahaa I used to do that when I was younger! XDD

    I'm not much of a toy collector nowadays, preferring to collect children books, but my boyfriend is, and occasionally I'd accompany him to the Sunday flea market in Chinatown to ogle at toys.

    La Petit Mu Mu is gorgeous!!! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your toy collection. *_*

  2. Ren: Children's books are an awesome thing to collect! Have you seen Moe? It's a Japanese magazine about children's books with lots of illustrations.

  3. No I haven't! Going to check it out now. Thank you for recommending! :DDDD

  4. Dear Catherine,

    Hello, how are you? I am Fion Ko, the artist behind la petite mu mu. Thank you for your support, I was at the Taipei Toys Festival this year, such a happy experience. So happy to see someone cherish mu mu so much, I suppose she's quite photogenic, especially from your camera : )

    I hope you enjoy her company, and I wish her bring you more happiness and joy in life. I will be having my first exhibition next month, if you happen to come to HK, would love to meet you, otherwise next time in Taipei maybe : )

    Take care and thanks again for supporting, take good care of mu mu, will ya? x fion

  5. Hi Fion,
    Thanks so much for your comment and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond! La Petite Mu Mu is fantastic and I'm looking forward to seeing her friends. I hope I'll meet you at the next Taipei Toy Festival.