Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My fabulous parents

I want that dress!

I just returned from a trip to California. One of the things I love about going back to my home state to see my parents is digging through old photo albums. I covet pretty much everything my parents wore in the late 1970s and early 1980s, including my Dad's bell bottoms. I wish I owned more dark denim flared jeans. One of things that impresses me about these photos is that my parents managed to keep their sartorial dignity during an era that was known for some pretty regrettable fashion. I've never seen a photo of them sporting polyester pant suits or crazy floral prints -- in other words, nothing that a hipster would wear ironically now. Both of them really have a classic sense of style.

Dad in San Francisco

Mom in front of the SF skyline

Mom in a straw hat

Mom visiting Stanford

Dad and King John

Mom at the beach

Dad and his bellbottoms

Mom's awesome blue sundress

I threatened to post these photos under "vintage inspiration." Ha ha, just kidding Mom! Though seriously, clothing I wore when I was a teenager is now being sold as vintage. I'm 29! I blame fast fashion.


  1. Your parents are very stylish people! I recently did the same thing - went home and dug through photo albums as well as through boxes of clothes in the attic!


  2. Hi again, it's really good to see you back with a new post! :D
    Wow your parents were super stylish~ I've been through my parents' old photos but my mum has always been a bit of a tomboy...

  3. this is truly lovely. i really love the first photo (and could totally see you wearing the same dress!) and all the little snapshot quality of these...

    family love! how wonderful.

  4. Catherine,

    I am late to the parent love, but these photos are wonderful! I can really see you in the photos of your mom and man alive is your dad rocking the flared jeans like a muthafuckin style champ! These old photos make me nostalgic for a time when it was sort of a weird thing to have your picture taken and you could still capture your loved ones looking shy and beautiful and unaware and also at the same time, posed & prepared. I guess I am romanticizing the pre-digital camera past, aren't I?


    (PS- I love it when you leave long comments on FFW and I owe you a response to your last one which I have a lot of thoughts about, all of them unorganized and in the beginning stages of development!)