Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long time, no hear

I started this blog with such high hopes about regular posting, but I've been awfully negligent. This month has been particularly busy -- my fiance and I are getting married next month in California, my grandmother is in Taiwan staying with my relatives in Kaohsiung and I'm trying to find time in between work to see her. Ah! I feel like my brain is going to melt.

I did manage to find the gorgeous celluloid medallion above on Etsy, however. It's from seller All Wild Jewels. I looked up celluloid jewelry after buying a lovely ivory-colored brooch from a vintage jewelry dealer in Shida night market here in Taipei. Her name is Tiffany and she is an interpreter who sources vintage jewelry on her business trips to the US. It is harder to find vintage jewelry in Taiwan than it is in the US (at least vintage jewelry that doesn't cost a ton), so I was thrilled to find her. Well, I was thrilled. My wallet wasn't. Tee-hee.

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