Friday, June 26, 2009

Blackbird Fly... to Nantucket


Dress: Nantucket Weekender from,bag: Hayden Harnett for Target, shoes: Taipei night market stand, camera: Blackbird Fly by Superheadz

These photos were taken before our wedding last month, when Ron and I went to Hello Kitty Sweets here in Taipei so I could write a review of it. If you love Hello Kitty and are in Taipei, I definitely recommend the restaurant. Your mind will explode with glee. If you don't like Hello Kitty, then stay far, far away (if you can see the pink halo of light that illuminates the entire block Hello Kitty Sweets is on at night, then you are getting too close!) We wandered around afterward while I took photos with my Blackbird Fly camera, a Christmas gift from Ron. Or rather, I attempted to take photos. Most toy cameras don't work well on cloudy days, but I think I still got some decent results.

Man with teddy bear

An elevated crossway

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