Sunday, February 15, 2009

Migration Shift by emilyryan @

I was perusing for indie designers when I discovered the Migration Shift by emilyryan. I nearly fell over. I'm amazed at the way she incorporated stuffed applique and shaping into the dress and the stark simplicity of the birds as they soar towards the sculpted neckline (yay for alliteration!).

In my perfect world, this dress would be worn by a bride carrying a bouquet of ice-white rice paper cut-out flowers. It would like one of those wedding dresses of yore that became the bride's best dress afterwards. If I owned it, I would wear it as often as possible and spend all that time navel-gazing, literally, at the amazing sculpted birds.

Emily's profile says that she is inspired by "1920's couture, science fiction, and Japanese fashions" and her influences come through quite clearly in her work. Other standouts from her collection include the Honeycomb and A-Line Criss Cross dress. I love Emily's use of gray fabric. I wear a lot of black, but have been moving away from it recently because black conceals all the small details in clothing and is actually not as flattering as people seem to think it is. Shadows are obscured, so if you wear something that's even slighly loose, you end up looking like a big, dark blob. Grey offers the comfort and sleekness of black, but is more interesting and lets dressmaker details shine forth.

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