Thursday, February 19, 2009

The most amazing blouse -- ever.

I am in love with this gorgeous black 30s blouse from Dewberry Vintage on Etsy.

The black crepe fabric looks like it would feel absolutely amazing, the covered buttons add a luxe touch, the gathered bodice softens the look of the garment without making it too precious and the little ribbon ties mark this particularly piece as being a gift from the gods. Obviously.

I would wear this with a pair of wide-legged dark denim trousers and a saucy grin.

I highly recommend Dewberry Vintage by the way. A dress and pair of gloves I purchased arrived in less than 8 days -- and I live in Taiwan. I bought the gloves because as an intrepid reporter I spent a good deal of my time on various forms of Taipei public transport, grabbing onto things for support. I don't always get a chance to wash my hands afterwards and I don't totally trust antibacterial gels like Purell, so my genius idea is to wear the gloves when I go out so my own paws stay relatively pure and uncontaminated. Now if only someone would dig up a vintage crochet SARS mask, too.

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