Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!

28 years of playing with fire
"Look everyone! It's a floating number 8 on fire!"

I turn 28 today! 27 was a good year; I hope 28 is just as good or even better.

It's also been an exciting week for style blogger birthdays. Fancy Pants, lost in the forest and Andi B. Goode all celebrated birthdays very recently and I just know that there are people I am forgetting. Argh, I hate it when my brain conks out on me like that. But happy birthday to all of you ladies (and anyone else I am missing). If you are also an August (or late July) baby, please let me know in the comments!

As for what I am doing on my birthday... well, Ron and I were going to get sushi, watch "Bruno," which just opened in Taipei, and then enjoy a chocolate fondue, but unfortunately it's typhoon day here and everything is closed (though fortunately the typhoon does not seem to be too bad). On top of that, Ron has a cold, poor thing, so it's been a slow day to say the least. To pass the time, I've been hemming one of my vintage dresses, which is exciting, because it feels like I have a brand new dress (one that doesn't hang to an unflattering length and make me look like a nincompoop, that is). I HATE hemming with a passion (especially since I insist on hand-hemming all my vintage items), so to motivate myself I've been re-watching "Project Runway." For some reason, hearing that music and watching the designers freak out over their crazy challenges really puts me in a sewing frame of mind.


  1. aw happy birthday! i love your childhood photos, they are so cute. be sure to post how Bruno is- i haven't seen it yet but want to! ~joelle

  2. Happy Birthday!! 28 is a great age to be! ;)

    I hope you're able to celebrate in spite of the weather.

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope your day was wonderful despite the typhoon.

  4. awww HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh, Happy Birthday!! =D
    (And thank-you for mentioning me, too.)

  6. So cute!!! Happy birthday :D

  7. Happy happy birthday Catherine!! Yay for August babes!! :) hehe I love how you added an '8' to the cake, brilliant! :) hope you had a wonderful day despite the typhoon

  8. Have a merry happy birthday (and a good year to boot!) I just watched on CNN the building in Taipei collapsing into the water! I do hope you are well and safe. Take care!

    I totally agree with the hemming pet-peeve. haha, it's a struggle for us vintage lovers!


  10. Happy, happy birthday to you! I sincerely hope 28 is a wonderful year for you. :)