Saturday, September 12, 2009

9.12.2009 One Legume of the Week

Photo from

I've been very bad at posting Legumes of the Week for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon, but before I am... here is one post so awesome, so amazing, so breathtaking and so mouthwatering that it will completely redefine the way you look at food. Behold, Luxirare's bento box!

For more bento goodness, check out this recent New York Times article and this eye-popping Flickr pool. I love bento boxes but working from home makes any kind of packed lunch kind of redundant for me, so I just enjoy looking at photos of other people's food on the Internet.


  1. oh those look too lovely to eat!

  2. I love bento boxes! It makes me wish I was going back to school!!

  3. oh man i love bentos! i have a couple i bought in tokyo going unused, as i am a lazy lunch packer. but looking at these has inspired me!