Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9.4.2009 Behold! A Brain.


Dress: Vintage via eBay, belt: JCrew outlet, shoes: Sogo Zhongxiao, bag: Earth Tree fair trade store in Taipei, brain necklace: F-ck Barbie

I wore this outfit about one and a half weeks ago when I sent my desktop computer to get fixed (I've been having really bad luck with computers lately). Since I needed all the brains I could get, I wore my special noggin pendant. I bought it from a Taipei-based indie design team called F-ck Barbie (minus the hyphen... I'm not against swearing but I don't want weirdos landing at this blog through search results!).


I love the print on the dress. You can see that there are birds all over the fabric, and a border with teeny little people. I bought this dress off of eBay right before I left the US a couple years ago. I have no idea why, since it doesn't really fit in with the rest of my closet, but I like it. Regardless, I've noticed that my wardrobe tends to fall into two categories: retro girly and boho. It is a bit random. I wonder if my clothing choices represents two sides of my personality -- the one that tries to be ladylike all the time and the one that is a little bit more free-spirited (but not THAT free-spirited, ha!).

我覺得這件洋裝有點嘻皮的風味. 我自己的腦子逃走了。


  1. oh, this is a beautiful vintage dress, suits you perfectly dear..

  2. Adore this dress, it's so very lovely on you. That brain pendant is too cool.

  3. Lovely dress and print~! You're so brainy.

  4. That is such a great dress! I love the print and the bright colors! And I feel like I have two sides to my "clothing" personality too: feminine and then a serious casual side ;)

  5. This beautiful outfit is totally made of win!
    Gorgeous red & purple dress +1
    Pixel patterns!!!! +1
    Brain strung across the neck +1
    Charming smile +1

    Absolutely lovely!

  6. Thanks for the sweet comments!

    renwore: Aw, thanks! I never thought of the designs as pixel patterns! Now I'm going to think of space invaders every time I wear the dress.