Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just Pretty: Japanese sugar candy


I bought some Japanese sugar candy from a store in Ximending, which an area known as Taipei's answer to Harajuku. Lots of teenagers and college students hang out there on the weekends.


The candy that looks like little stars is konpeito, a traditional Japanese confection that has its roots in Portugal and is handmade over the course of several days.


The rock candy often has miniatures of flowers, fruits or popular cartoon characters in the middle. Doesn't the rainbow one on the bottom right look like the Mac spinning marble of doom? Looking at it gave me dry heaves (remember, I just had a laptop break down on me for the second time in half a year) until I popped it into my mouth and ate it. Take that, marble of doom!


The little pearls are light, crunchy and powdery, and taste a little bit like fruitier Sweet Tarts. I think they would be so cute on cupcakes.


I hope you've enjoyed this trip through candyland! I love candy; it might show up again on The Renegade Bean :-)!



  1. It all looks too pretty to eat!
    Except the spinning marble of doom. I'm glad you showed that one who's boss!

  2. Yum, I love candy - and I really really want some of that candy now. It looks so cute and colourful :)

  3. I love Asian candy!!! I miss it.... I haven't had any in a while. I thought your comment about the "marble of doom" was funny! Hahaha

  4. I'm starting to think that Japan is the place to be :P soooo cute. Especially that keroppi piece!

  5. they look like beads, things i could lace up on spun-sugar string and wear around my neck and nibble on all day.

  6. I love sweets - I had to force myself not to go in to a sweep shop today!

    Polly x

  7. oo so pretty! i have such a sweet tooth. those pearls are awesome, i've never seen candy like that!

  8. Do you remember what the rainbow ones are called?