Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Epanouir of my heart


written on this blog about my love for Taiwanese brand Epanouir ("spring" in French) before. I mean, how could I possibly not love them? Check out this image from their spring-summer 2009 catalog:


That was the outfit I wore on Halloween. Oh, if only I'd known where to get that bonnet.

According to their lookbook, this collection's "inspiration comes from the book '1870-1920 Antique Dolls.' With French elegance and sweet classic influences, our style represents those respectable noble girls that received a broad curriculum of educations, and so are considered well eligible ladies with great fashion senses. This range of collection incorporated lots of layered silk cottons and lace fabric choices, also focused on slightly un-fitted short sleeved one-piece silhouettes."

Apparently, part of the "broad curriculum of educations" included raising poultry and collecting eggs...



... inspecting apples ...


... and reading about (what else?) antique dolls.


When Taiwanese clothing brands decide that frilliness and feminity will be their hallmarks, they often go all out. It's not uncommon to see lace, appliques, cut-outs, rhinestones, sequins, ruffles and other embellishments -- all in one outfit. What I like about Epanouir is that they put the emphasis on the silhouette of each dress, instead of the flourishes. Their autumn-winter 2009 catalog (which I'll share soon) emphasizes bright colors instead of prints (though they still have plenty of those), including magenta, royal purple and mustard.


  1. This is so great! Very cool to see a brand I've never heard of before, and they have some pretty cute stuff! I think my favorite photo is the girl with the apples.

  2. Thanks Anja! I think that pic is also my favorite (that, or the girl with the bonnet).

  3. These are lovely! I love that purple dress 2nd from right on the bottom row of the first image.

  4. This brand seems lovely! I love the one piece a lot.

    Catherin, I came upon your blog due to research on Taipei as I'm going there in early January. Can you tell me where I can find this brand in Taipei? thanks a lot!

  5. The pieces are soo adorable! So feminine as well.. :-) Thanks for sharing! xx

  6. Joan-Sorry for my delay in replying! My favorite Epanouir location is at 285 Nanjing E Rd Sec. 3, Taipei City (台北市南京東路三段285號), phone: (02) 2546-4559. Hope that helps! Of the Epanouir stores I've seen, they have the largest selection and the most relaxed staff.

  7. Thank you very much Catherine~
    I've been reading your blogs and really enjoy them a lot. Love your style too. Keep up the good work.

  8. Also if you have time, it'll be nice to know what are some of your other favorite Taiwanese brands or places to shop!

  9. 您好 我也喜歡這品牌