Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My school sisters


I rediscovered some photos-of-photos I have of Sarah Lawrence College's yearbook from... actually, I forget the exact year. Drat it! I think the year was 1965, but I could be wrong. We had an amazing archive at the college library and I spent a lot of time in there, flipping through old school publications. I'm almost embarrassed to share these because they are just snapshots and not actual scans, but my school sisters look so fabulous that I can't resist.


In the 1960s and 1970s, my college had a professional photographer who took all of the photos in each yearbook. Sarah Lawrence was female only until they went co-ed in the late 1970s. My college has a strong tradition of social activism and a forward-thinking pedagogy and curriculum (they were the first to offer a graduate degree in the field of women's history). I first heard of Sarah Lawrence when I was 15 and from then on my entire high school career was dedicated to getting in. I'm very proud of my alma mater and what it represents in higher education.






And as you can see from this final photo, there have always been some cool cats at SLC! (I know, I know, har har har).


  1. These yearbook photos are stunning.

    That first girl reminds me of Kate Beckinsale.

    How I wish, I could live back then and go to college with girls like these.

  2. That's so cool!!! These pictures are so amazing. I love that their style is all coming back now!

  3. Thank you so much for these photos! And also for your post about Stardust a few days back. I'd love to watch that film and the stills are so freaking amazing...

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  4. Wow, I almost thought the snapshots were from some old fashion magazine. Everyone look so stylish! Thanks for sharing these pictures, I enjoyed going through them. :)