Monday, December 14, 2009

12.2.2009 The Dyes of Our Lives

Dress: Oasis, cardigan: Thakoon for Target, tights: H&M, necklace: H&M, scarf: Muji, shoes: Sogo Zhongxiao

Fashion for me is all about safety nets: my trusty black cardigan, my go-with-everything cream pumps, my beloved wood grain headbands. I haven't tried out a lot of trends, including mixed prints, because they stray too far from my beaten path. Part of it is insecurity; part of it is sheer confusion. How the heck do you mix prints???

For my first attempt, I made sure my two main pieces were in a similar color family, and that one print was larger than the other so the two fabrics didn't blend together. I then "weighed" everything down with a gray scarf, black leggings and basic black pumps. I think this outfit was successful because I felt comfortable in it and not at all self-conscious.




My necklace and leggings are both by H&M. One of the interesting things about living in Taiwan is seeing H&M items marketed as luxuries. There are H&M's in Hong Kong and China, but none in this country. Importers bring items over and sell them in boutiques or pop-up stores for hugely inflated prices (I saw a flimsy cotton madras blouse selling for the equivalent of US$75).



I'm trying to figure out what dyeing techniques the prints on my dress and cardigan are trying to mimic. My best guess is that the dress is supposed to look like ikkat, or some other form of resist dyeing. I love my Thakoon for Target cardigan -- I thought it was hideous when I first saw it, but the funny sand dollar-ish pattern grew on me and I knew I couldn't return to Taipei from California without it. Have you ever had that experience with clothing -- something looks so unattractive at first sight that you end up becoming totally obsessed with it?

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  1. What a lovely dress and I am seriously having necklace envy! I have been a "safe" shopper forever- I have more black than any other color in my closet, but since I started blogging I have become far more adventerous and now have lots of prints and patterns.

  2. Super cute outfit! That dress is so gorgeous, I just love the color and the necklace you're wearing is so pretty, I'm glad you posted a close up shot so we could see the details!

  3. This looks wonderful. I don't know that I've been brave enough to mix prints yet but I always want to try. & adore that necklace.

  4. You've done the mixing of prints really well!! I think for a while H&m in china was also really expensive (or maybe it still is.) All i know is that my cousin went nuts when she got to NY and we took her an H&M!!

    xo Jenny

  5. lovely mix of patterns, so cute!

  6. Wow, I'd love to own something by Thakoon! And this outfit is spot-on, awesome!

  7. I love all the different prints and patterns.

    Those shudders are so prettily worn.

  8. Yes totally with starting out not liking something and then ending up loving it. It's like seeing beauty a different way, or something.

    Great job on mixing the prints!