Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vignettes from my home office

Cendrille print and secondhand cat
Cendrille print

My home office/craft room window


Kissing whales and Treeson

Knitting needles

Brushes and Ikea nesting dolls

The secondhand owl and the pussycat
This was after I bought another cup for my make-up brushes because the sushi mug was creeping me out.

Totus Mel tatted necklace and tourmaline
Totus Mel tatted lace choker and a tourmaline necklace I made

Looking at these photos makes me want to clean my home office. It's gotten quite messy such I took them!

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  1. Your office is amazing Catherine! Seeing it makes me want to organize my necklaces into something that is not a clumpy mess. You have impeccable taste and a great eye!


  2. Oh the kissing whales! I want some.

  3. That print is so beautiful. Oh, I wish my office was as pretty and neat as yours. I love all the personal touches.

  4. Beautiful shots; the little illustration is very sweet.

  5. I love your little home office! Your jewelry and knitting supplies all look so organized and pretty! I love the idea of using hooks like that to hang necklaces. Mine are always in a big jumble!