Thursday, March 11, 2010

What I'm Sproutin': Sorbet Noir

Vintage dress: easystreetvintage @ Etsy, cardigan: American Apparel, scarf: Muji, belt: J. Crew outlet, vintage necklace and tights: night market, shoes: Aldo, purse: Hayden Harnett for Target, earrings: Target

Today the sun came out and the temperature went up a bit (it was 8 to 10 degrees Celsius yesterday in Taipei), so I decided to celebrate by breaking out my rainbow dress.


I dressed to match Mr. Dragonfly behind me.


I also wore a pair of giant white filigree earrings, but the hooks started bothering me after a few minutes. I have to swap them out for sterling silver ones. I've been getting more sensitive to nickel and other base metals since hitting my mid-twenties. Does anyone else have this problem?


My dress is handmade, from the 1980s (I think) and has HUGE puffy sleeves. Here is a picture from the seller:

I thought I might be able to get away with them, but I think I'll have to cut them off or otherwise alter them into ordinary short sleeves or maybe flutter sleeves (though that might also be too much). I was also thinking I should shorten the dress (by removing the bottom horizontal rows, shortening the main skirt and then reattaching the self-trim), but I actually like this length with heels. I often do this with dresses in my "to alter" pile. Instead of working on them, I drag them out, shake out the wrinkles and just wear it as is. Sometimes laziness works out!


  1. Rainbow dress! I love this length as it is and I love the bright colors! What a wonderful outfit Catherine :)
    xo Jenny

  2. Oh the ever growing alteration pile... I like your dress at both lengths! What a fun vintage pattern. I think 80's for sure!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. Love this dress! The colours are so candy-cute! I like the way you styled it with the cardigan and scarf, it tones it down a little while still making the dress the feature.

  4. This dress reminds me so much of my favourite childhood snack, rainbow kueh <333

    I love the piled-on colours and I think that the switch to horizontal stripes on the top works well. The bottom is a little jarring but I kinda like the surprise of it, and it does hold my attention for the switch back to horizontal at the end :P

  5. such a pretty striped dress, Catherine. funny, i only noticed the dragonfly after you mentioned it and was smiled to see you both match so well!

    to hem or not... that's a hard one because it looks really pretty as it is. but, i've also noticed more and more that shorter dresses are in vogue.

  6. love your rainbow dress! the colours are wonderful :)

  7. that dress is so pretty! i love the soft girly colors. it actually reminds me of a dress i had when i was little- it was pastel rainbow striped, and i wanted to wear it every single day, so my mom ended up finding a 2nd one so she could at least wash it. i wish i could find my own in an adult size! your wooden heart necklace is a great find too. ~joelle

  8. Love the colors of the rainbow <3

  9. This dress is great. I can't seem to tear myself away from rainbow dresses. Thanks for the etsy tip.