Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What I'm Sproutin': Vintage Regression

Dress: Forever 21, leggings: American Apparel, shoes: Aldo, cardigan: Banana Republic

This is a dress I purchased at Forever 21 when I was back in California for our wedding last May. I really liked the vintage-y print and silhouette -- that is, the dress would have a vintage silhouette if it weren't so short and the armholes weren't so deep that I have to wear a cardigan over it to preserve my dignity. I've read that one of the things fast-fashion stores do to save money is to skimp on fabric by making cuffs shorter and skirts shorter. Over a thousand mass-produced shirts or so, that saves a lot of material (while widening profit margins). I don't know how that works with armholes, though, because wouldn't the leftover material be so awkwardly shaped you wouldn't be able to use it for anything else? Maybe gaping armholes are a trend I don't understand. Anyway, my giant grandpa cardi came to the rescue. I love this one because it's a very thin linen blend and I can wear it on warm days.

I'll be quiet on the blogging and commenting front because I'm off to Singapore for a few days today! It'll be a busy trip because it's technically for work, but I'm going with a friend and intend to make the most of it!


  1. aw, i think it looks great! i've had armhole trouble with a dress lately - it really is a pain.

    i'm glad you still found a way to wear it! its worth wearing!

  2. Oh I love it. I wouldn't have thought F21. Adore it with your awesome shoes.

    Lulu Letty

  3. Love that print!
    Sometimes it's annoying trying to find something knee length. It's easy to shorten something, but a bit more tricky to lengthen!

  4. its such a cute dress, and all the more cuter with the oversize cardigan! :)

  5. you look adorable in that dress! i know what you mean about f21 and skimping on fabric- i'm tall so most of their dresses are shirts on me.

    i hope you have fun on your trip! ~joelle

  6. Miss Catherine!!

    I'm lovin' your plumage. You look great in jewel tones...

    Gotta a question for you... I know you're a busy bee...but I have to ask.... the next time you're in Taipei... might you PLEASE pick me up an anatomical heart pendant like you modeled in an earlier blog? I'm dying for a F*ck Barbie pendant. And while there are decent ones on etsy....yours is the clicher for me.

    Pretty please with a cherry on top? I can paypal you...

    Let me know when you can. is the addy we can communicate if and when...

    Love your style!