Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10.27.2009 Lace and a lion

Dress: gift from my Mom, bag: Cambridge Satchel Company, tights: store in Shida night market, shoes: Aldo, necklaces: Aldo, Tree & Kimball and Eric at Booday

It's finally layering weather again in Taipei! This is my tentative entry into the colored tights trend. Hosiery is very cheap in the night markets here and I also have pairs in bright purple and red -- but I don't feel comfortable wearing those. I love them on other people, but they make me feel like a harlequin. Wearing navy blue tights with brown shoes is a good compromise for me. I like to think my look says "I have a basic understanding of color theory, y'all!"


My bag is from the Cambridge Satchel Company. My necklace was purchased from a cool store here in Taipei called Booday. I recently wrote a story about Booday's lifestyle brand (PDF link), includes a magazine, a t-shirt line and a cafe. They also promote indie designers, artists and musicians. The necklace is made by an artist named Eric and features tiny vintage celluloid animals he collected while traveling in the US.


My lace necklace is by Tree & Kimball. I last wore it in an outfit photo back in July. It's a bit hard to see here because it's close to the color of my skin, but I fiddled with the contrast on this photo so you can get a better idea of how it looks. Here is its Etsy listing.


Thank you for all your well wishes on our new kitten last week! George is doing great so far and we are working on cat-proofing the house. It's amazing how much stuff he can get into. Last night, I caught him trying to eat paper. I have no idea why he'd do that -- I can't imagine an ATM receipt tastes very good! Crazy cat! (By the way, that was one of my nicknames in college. I have no idea why! Old lady Cat would have made more sense.)


  1. Adore all your necklaces and your dress!!

    Your shoes are amazing.

  2. Oh, love the satchel! Those necklaces are great, I never would have considered wearing them together, but they look good!

  3. I love the navy blue tights and how it goes in your outfit! I think other dark colours like maroon and dark green look very classy as well :) I suppose it takes a lot more conscious coordination to transform brighter colours from harlequin to something more solemn, but I believe that they exist XD

  4. renwore--I was actually thinking of layering black fishnet stockings over them to tone them down. I totally love bright colors, but I'm never comfortable in anything but darker tones... I'll figure out a way around it though :-)

  5. I am loving your shoes and that lace necklace!!! Must. have.