Thursday, October 29, 2009

Polaroids: The Toy Box

I took these photos of some of my childhood toys during a trip back home to California last fall (well, my Blythe, Catherine Jr., is actually my adulthood toy, as is the Susie Sad Eyes). Anyone remember Teddy Ruxpin or Rainbow Brite? Teddy used to freak me out when he flicked his eyes from side to side. Ah, memories.

Leggy Vera


Catherine Jr.

Speechless Ruxpin

這些都是我小時候的玩具(除非Catherine Jr.跟Susie Sad Eyes以外... ).


  1. I LOVED Rainbow Bright! Well more specifically I loved her horse, he was white with a rainbow mane and tail!

  2. Ahhh! Teddy Ruxpin used to scare the bejesus out of me!! ;)

    Awww, I had the same rainbow bright doll.

  3. These are a little frightening, but very cool.

  4. I second Rebecca....kinda creepy but still cool! I love teddy bears :) Not ones with moving eyes though!!

  5. I used to have a Rainbow Brite doll! I watched all the shows, had the coloring books, and drew her all the time. My absolutely fave character as a kid. I don't know what happened to the doll. SO sad. That character was amazing! Rainbow bright would make for a great Halloween costume. Maybe I will have to do this next year!