Monday, January 4, 2010

12.7.2009 Bricky Dandy

Dress, cardigan and tights: Shida night market (師大夜市), tatted choker: Totus Mel, necklace: Eric at Booday (蘑菇), headband: Accessorize, shoes: Aldo
Happy New Year everyone! I wonder if I should stop putting dates on my outfit posts -- these photos were taken almost a month ago! I try to take outfit photos whenever it is not raining and there is a reasonable amount of sun outside. Those days have been rare lately, so I've been spreading these posts out week by week. At this rate, I'll still be posting winter outfits by summer. Ha!


The brick wall I am standing in front of used to be the supporting wall for a two-story house (as you can see by the remains of the roof in the top photo). In Taipei, a lot of property owners have torn down old houses and used the land for paid parking lots instead (I guess it's cheaper than building a new apartment building).


My cardigan is from Shida night market. I usually just buy accessories because a lot of the clothing sold in the night market is geared towards the junior's market: trendy, cheap and not particularly well made. Cleaning out my closet before I moved to Taiwan was a complete nightmare (so much of my stuff from "fast fashion" stores like Forever 21 and H&M were so worn out I didn't even want to donate them). As a result, I became a big fan of buying less but buying quality, even if it means spending more on a single item. I loved the lace trim on this cardigan so much, however, that I decided to go for it and just keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't fall apart at the seams or dissolve in the washing machine. My dress is also from the night market, and remixed from this outfit.


It's probably the combination of black and lace, but this outfit reminds me of late 18th and early 19th century English dandies. Isn't that random? I should read up more on the great dandies, like Beau Brummell. I love how they used fashion and outrageous conspicuous consumption as a way of giving a well-manicured finger to social convention.


  1. I love the lace detail on your dress, and the all black ensemble really brings it out, as it does the details on your shoes and choker :D

    I think it's pretty sad that land is now more prized for parking spaces (I think that Japan has the same mindset), but at least it makes for a very pretty background XD

    Lol I'm also guilty of posting super back-dated outfit photos as of late... but since it's always summer in Singapore, I don't have to worry about winter outfits XDDD (well on the bright side, it's winter on the opposite side of the world!)

  2. the sleeves and collar detail are very nice. also, i think many people are just like you and making the resolutions to buy better, not more. happy new year!