Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In My Pod: Shelves in my home office

Sir Horseman

Photography and vintage clothing books
Left to right: Japanese photography magazines, Dover reproductions of vintage Sears catalogs, Taiwanese photography books and "Ways of Seeing" by John Berger

Cyanotype print of my family
A cyanotype print I made from an old photo of my family


I eat too much candy
Candy doesn't count as empty calories if it comes in cute tins.

Retro Taiwan toys
Reproductions of toys once popular in Taiwan and a card deck with vintage cartoon illustrations


  1. I own Ways of Seeing by John Berger too! Have you read it? I was thinking of starting it just today.


  2. your shelves look so fun and colorful! i love the print you made of your fam, and i LOVE seeing all the toys and candy boxes (i have tons of the same on my shelves too :). and you are right- if it's candy in a tin, there are 0 calories. ~joelle

  3. i have one of those candy tins too!! they're soo cute aren't they?? :)

  4. Jenny-I thought it was worth reading, but a bit polemical and dated in certain parts. It did make me rethink how I look at certain periods of art, however. I also highly recommend Design as Art by Bruno Munari, which I bought at the same time.

    Thanks Joelle and Eunice!