Thursday, January 21, 2010

What I've Bean Sproutin': Feeling Dotty. A Bit Squirrely, Too.

Cardigan: H&M, top: Cartoon House (卡通工房), skirt: Modcloth, tights: the depths of my tights box, boots: Sogo Fuxing, headband: Shida night market, necklace: Haoshi

This has got to be one of the weirdest photos of me ever taken! I totally don't look like myself! I think that's what having a combination of pale skin and small features does to you -- gray light totally washes you out! Boo. Anyway, my outfit here is yet another attempt to mix up prints, only in this case there were two things with polka dots, so I guess that doesn't really count as mixing. I do like how the size of the dots and the spacing differ, however!


I've realized that I can mix a lot of black/white/red/gray outfits with the stuff in my closet. I don't know why. I like red, but it's not my favorite color. I do, however, own a lot of black clothing. Maybe buying more and more red stuff is my subconscious way of brightening up my dreary wardrobe. I used to wear all black, until one day I realized I bored myself to death every time I looked in a mirror. Also, it drives me crazy when two black items of clothing don't match EXACTLY. I'm kind of weird that way. I do, however, still buy a lot of gray clothing, or gray and black pieces with interesting patterns, details or shapes, like this skirt.



My squirrel pendant is from a Taiwanese indie design team called Haoshi. Their Web site is in English and Chinese and has the cutest little back stories for their resin animal pendants. The one for the squirrel is: "I move in the forest. Every direction or signature, they all lead me to hope." I love that! I think it's a good mantra for life. I've made some major decisions in the past few years (well, all twentysomethings do, I guess), including moving to a new country and getting married. Not all of them were easy choices (well, getting married was a pretty easy choice, especially since there was a huge chocolate toffee cake involved, heh heh), but all have indeed led me to hope.


  1. Oh, I love the dot details on your cardigan. Your dress and squirrel necklace are spot on. ;)

    Lulu Letty

  2. Yikes! Your plane story is hilarious but also must have been a nightmare at the time. I think I own tons of red as well even though it really doesn't go with my complexion--maybe I'm also subconsciously trying to brighten up my wardrobe? Don't know!

  3. You look so cute... I love the dots :).

  4. Love the combo of the polka dots! And thanks for all your lovely comments on our site! S.

  5. Adorable dotty outfit! The cropped cardigan is so cute.

  6. you look super cute! i think the outfit definitely counts as mixing prints, since the dots are indeed colored and spaced differently. adding the red is such a good way to brighten a black/grey wardrobe without worrying you'll clash, too. and i adore that squirrel pendant! now i want to go to that website and read all the animal stories. ~joelle

  7. Love mixing similar patterns like this - it looks really bold but cool too!

  8. Beautiful! Always beautiful...!

    Sooo happy I discovered you blog!


  9. cute outfit :)

    lovelove, M.

  10. cute outfit :)

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  11. what an awesome necklace! and i love the mixed patterns here--pretty!