Monday, January 25, 2010

What I'm Sproutin': Bavarian Barney

Vintage dirndl: eBay, jersey top: Target, cardigan: H&M, vintage wooden heart pendant: Shida night market (師大夜市), shoes: Sogo Zhongxiao (Sogo 忠孝), tights: I have no idea, headband: Forever 21
This dirndl is one of my favorite dresses -- and the best thing about it (besides all the flaming purple) is that it came to me though eBay serendipity. The woman selling it had photographed it backwards on a dress form, so it looked like a plain sleeveless dress with embroidery around the bottom. When I saw the thumbnail, however, I was like "hey, that 'sleeveless cocktail dress' looks just like the back of a dirndl!" Apparently, the seller thought it was supposed to be worn with all the embroidery accentuating the back. I guess that's one way to remix the it!


The rest of my outfit is plain black, as I wanted to put the emphasis on the purple-ness, but I do like my vintage wooden heart necklace and my bandeau-style plastic headband. I forgot to take a close-up, but it has a airy, lace-like pattern on it. People often comment on it when I have it on. I've had some nice conversations with strangers in New York City and Taipei because of this headband. I guess that's one way to get to know people when you're new somewhere -- wear a statement accessory.


  1. This is such a lovely dress:)You look adorable.

  2. A dirdle!!! This outfit is tops and I love purple so much that I wore an all purple outfit to my first day of school in seventh grade and heard all the kids snickering about the new kid (me) looking like Barney. Also, I just passed up on a bandeau style headband but you always rock them so hard that I sort of wish I hadn't.

    love, Jenny

  3. Omg those purples are so rich in colour! It's so pretty, I really love the embroidery on it too <3

  4. What a lovely coincidence to find the dress is actually a dirndl. it's such a great color too and the embroidery..!

  5. That dress is adorable! I love how you paired it with patterned tights.

  6. Amazingly rich purples on your dress! I adore the embroidery on it, and your outfit looks super cute!