Monday, February 15, 2010

What I'm Sproutin': Memento Mori of the Heart

Skirt and coat: Modcloth, tights and scarf: night market, boots: Breeze Center (微風廣場), bag: Booday (蘑菇)

The weather in Taipei decided to turn rainy and chilly -- just in time for Lunar New Year (AKA Chinese New Year) vacation! Woo-hoo! I shouldn't complain too much, though. Today was the start of the lunar new year in addition to Valentine's Day. There were a couple hours of sun this afternoon and I took advantage of it to go jogging. I worked on a needle-felted miniature sculpture of my cat after I went home (yes, I'm crazy). Ron and I then had a Valentine's Day/New Year dinner incorporating pretty much everything I fantasize about eating but try to stay away from -- red wine, red meat, chocolate ice cream, sponge cake. Heh heh. Double holidays should happen more often.



The point of this outfit post is to show off my Heart coat from Modcloth. This is probably the last Modcloth order I will be making from Taiwan. I love their stuff and their shipping rates are actually quite reasonable if you use their international coupon code (inter75), but I got hit with a doozy of a customs charge. I ordered this coat because my bodice measurements are considered pneumatic by Taiwan standards and I wanted something roomy enough to stuff tons of layers underneath. I had an oversized cardigan, long-sleeved thick jersey shirt and gathered skirt underneath this and still felt comfy. In fact, I should have sized down because the coat's measurements are actually a bit roomier than what the Modcloth site stated.

To keep this coat from being too twee (I swear, I saw a toddler wearing an exact replica of it, but in red... and obviously much smaller), I paired it with my weird face tights and creepy Louis Vuitton pastiche scarf. I love how there are skulls in place of the L's and V's.



The tights are 180 denier and very comfortable. They are by a Japanese brand called Tutuanna. I think you can find them in most night markets -- the packaging is brown. My scarf is also from a night market. I bought it last last year because it was so cool looking I couldn't resist (and I needed a scarf). At first I was worried it was a LV knock-off, but I haven't been able to find any results when I do a search for "LV skull print." I like to think it's a sardonic comment on the cult of luxury goods and the LVMH empire.

Happy Valentine's Day and a Happy New Year for those of you who celebrate the Lunar New Year (or as I've taken to calling it because of the insane number of fireworks that went off in our neighborhood this year, Loony New Year)!


  1. Cute coat! And it's clever pairing it with a scarf that shows off your secret goth side, haha!

  2. love the heart detail of your coat! hope you have a lovely new year and valentines!

  3. Oh, cool! I got the same coat but in the green/black/yellow colors. It's so nice & light- too bad about the customs charges though!

  4. Darn! Every time I think I've left a comment on your blog, it always turns out that I forgot to do the word verification! Anyway, I meant to say that I love your coat and Happy Chinese New Year and also I love that you used the word 'pneumatic!' You are my hero for incorporating that word in your blog posts!


  5. MJ -- I was a secret goth in high school! :-)

    Anja and Claire -- Thanks!

    Jenny -- I do the same thing, too! Esp. with Blogger, they seem to be bit slow coming up with the word verification screen. Thanks for the pneumatic love! I was trying to think of a delicate way of describing my particular sizing issues, but pneumatic also makes me think of Terry Gilliam films!

  6. Love the coat, it is too adorable!
    And the tights and scarf are so fun.

  7. happy belated new year's AND valentine's day! you look great for the holiday- the little hearts on your coat are soo cute (i don't think there's even such a thing as too twee :). the face tights are really awesome too.

    i hope you'll post when you finish your needle felted cat! i really want to learn how to do that- is there any tutorial you've used that you like? i keep buying those little animals on etsy and figured it'd be better to learn how to do it myself! ~joelle

  8. Happy chinese new year! hope you ate lots of goodies :)

    cute coat, your smile is so sweet!

  9. That coat is just amazing! You should wear it tres often. I am a tights lover in the winter- these are lovely.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  10. Joelle--I didn't use a tutorial, just the bad Japanese and Chinese instructions that came with the kit I purchased. I haven't found any good tutorials but I need see a good tip that says if you want to make a larger shape (like the animal's body), you should start with a small piece of felt and gradually build up on that (my instructions told me to just grab all the batting you need, roll it up and start stabbing it with the needle, which didn't work that well). I'll do a post soon on my cat project!

  11. So many awesome items in this outfit! The coat looks lovely with those heart-shaped clasps, and I'm very taken with the skull/LV scarf and the next time I go to Taiwan I'll definitely hit the night markets for crazy leggings XDD


  12. I love this! It's a lot of black, but the patterns and textures are the perfect balance between sweet and edgy.