Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I'm Sproutin': Paisley Me Be


Jacket: Modcloth, dress: Oh My God (store in Taipei, yes, it always confuses people when I tell them I'm going there), tights: night market, shoes: Aldo, bag: Hayden-Harnett for Target, headband: Accessorize

oday was another one of those days in Taipei where the sun put in an appearance for an hour or so in the late morning, and then disappeared. These photos are fuzzier than I'm happy with, but I wanted to post them because they show off my latest obsession -- gray tights. Gray: the perfect compromise between black and white! I got the idea to pair them with bone-colored shoes from Anja at Clever Nettle.


I love the paisley print on this dress. It's so loud. I would also like to point out that this is the second outfit in a row I've posted without any black in it! Wow! I'm on a roll here. When I was in high school and college, I was known as the girl in black and my Mom wondered why I always dressed in such somber colors. I told her I was in mourning for my lost youth. Well, now I'm 28 and over my lost youth. Time to embrace the rainbow!


  1. Whoa, those shoes are amazing! I'll never cease being jealous that it's warm enough for your to pose outside. The dress is so pretty Catherine. And re: writing, I'm so much more impressed by people who are able to think of an audience, and by journalism in particular. I sometimes I think I don't know how to make myself sensible and comprehensible to others and sometimes I have troubles with deadlines because I'm so in my own head and unwilling/unable to imagine someone else reading my stuff. That's a changing a little bit because of blogging, but mostly it's still hard for me to even believe anyone reads the blog posts I write!

    Anyway! Are you working for a paper right now? What sort of writing do you do (other than this blog?)

    xo Jenny (and sorry for the super long rambly comment.)

  2. Brilliant! You would love the store I work for, here in the states. We are a resale boutique, and have loud paisley 70's prints practically wall to wall. And you look so utterly chic, in a clever nerdy way. I like it.

    I think it's also interesting that you were already mourning the passing of youth, even when you were in high school. I wonder what triggered this youthful doldrum in you so young? I was embracing the older Darlene, especially so in high school. I was ready for the wisdom that (supposedly) comes with age...

    Interesting on all fronts. And please keep embracing the rainbow. It suits you!

  3. I love paisley!! This dress is so perfect and I love the stores name. Great heels, too.

    Lulu Letty

  4. I really like the geometric pattern on that bag. Almost Art Deco, right?

  5. Lovely print, and the tights and shoes together are so pretty!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  6. Oh My God is a great name for a store. And this outfit is just perfect, head to toe!

    Andrea xx

  7. Jenny -- I love super long rambly comments! I work as a features reporter for the Taipei Times, an English-language newspaper in Taiwan. I mainly write style and culture stories and do a lot of store and indie designer profiles. Before moving to Taiwan, my first full-time journalism jobs were at Dow Jones ( and Barron's Online), and before that I did several different internships, including an investigative reporting one at the Village Voice. So I've had to report and write with many different demographics in mind. It's a fun challenge, though a bit discombobulating at times. Between my Dow Jones and Taipei Times jobs, I took 9-months off to study Mandarin, so when I returned to work, my brain was like "Huh? What do you want me to do now?" I wonder if I find fiction writing challenging because I'm used to centering myself around the tone of the publication I'm writing for (I've been involved in journalism in one way or another since starting at my middle school's newspaper) that I feel lost without that anchor. I really admire people who can switch between journalism/non-fiction and creative writing! I think their brains are made of magic.

    Darlene--Thanks for your comment! Part of the mourning my lost youth thing was a joke to freak my Mom out and part of it was that I was a super-serious teenager (despite having a wacky sense of humor) and didn't feel comfortable around other kids my age. I think I've chilled out a lot since college and graduate school and maybe the way I dress reflects that!

    MJ--Totally! I think it's Art Deco as interpreted by the 2000's 1970's revival :-).

  8. Love the dress and jacket! It's a such wonderful colour explosion and Oh My God is now on my list of shops to visit when I plan a trip to Taiwan in the future :D
    Also, posing next to the banana leaves(?) amuses me to no extent XDDD

  9. You look so pretty!!! I love the jacket. I love the dress. I love the gray tights. (I want some for myself now!!!!) I love your shoes. And that bag. I want I want!! :)

  10. that paisley print is so pretty! i'm glad you added the close-up shot- i love the flowers in it. and your tights and sandals combo looks awesome. ~joelle

  11. hey im from australia and am in taipei until friday 12th. can you suggest any cool vintage shops i could visit? im going to visit screaming tomorrow... thanks!

  12. Hey Candice,
    What kind of vintage shops are you looking for? TW doesn't have a lot in the way of vintage clothing stores, but there are some vintage/antique shops. Let me know what you have in mind.