Monday, February 1, 2010

What I'm Sproutin': Stop Starin' Screwball

Dress: Stop Staring, cardigan: American Apparel, gloves: dollar store, shawl: night market, fascinator: Giant Dwarf, tights: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Green Pine (興傑鞋)

I've wanted a Stop Staring dress for the longest time and last year I finally realized this particular consumerist desire. Only once I got my hands on the dress, I had no idea what to do with it! When the site says that the bengaline fabric really clings to your figure, they aren't kidding! Excellent for attention-grabbing, but what to do when you don't want to grab that much attention?


So I dressed my dress down with an oversized unisex cardigan, a very shaggy lace shawl (I only noticed the loose threads after my husband took these photos, but I think they add a nice touch) from the night market and a pair of fingerless gray gloves I got from a dollar store. And then I dressed it up again with fishnets and a Giant Dwarf floral fascinator. I like to think that the end result is: screwball comedy heroine realizes that her Rolls-Royce Phantom is on the outs and has to get down on her knees and fix the damn thing herself because her driver/mechanic knocked himself out on moonshine the previous night.


I adore my Stop Staring dress, but I think I'll continue styling it this way unless I'm going out to a party. I like how the cardigan allows me to show off the little details about the dress that I love, like its contrasting kick pleats and Art Deco-ish collar.

I hope everyone is having a nice Monday!


  1. I have the same headpiece - in yellow :).

  2. Love the whole look, very 50s but cool! And the dress is amazing.

  3. that dress is lovely! and i think you did a good job of dressing it down. i love the lace shawl with it- and the loose threads on it do look intentional, and kind of match your tights! the headpiece is the perfect fun accessory to finish the look. ~joelle

  4. Foxy dress! I love all the layering and I'm digging how colorful your posts have been lately :)


  5. Looks cute! I like it. I've wanted a Stop Staring dress for ages, too.
    -Andi x

  6. haha!! you go, girl! (cannot believe i just said that, but still...)
    the dress is totally unique and awesome!

  7. It is an amazing dress! the red detailing is just perfect! I think you styled it just right! Your head piece is just amazing too!

    Also, thank you so much for your comment about my blog and 5ifty 2! The 52 project has been challenging for me to stay on schedule, but I am not too far behind! It is helpful for me to know that people are paying attention! Keeps me on task!

  8. I love the red details on your dress! Those little red buttons look so cute XD
    And your fascinator is so very adorable <33
    p.s. I thought of The Addams Family when I saw your outfit with the fishnets and netted tights! Very eerie gothic :D

  9. lovely look
    i lvoe the colors

  10. Ooh this dress looks so slammin on you! So sassy, I love it.