Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What I'm Sproutin': Specs Incognito

Dress and cardigan: H&M, leggings and scarf: American Apparel, shoes: Aldo, mitts: corner store, headband: night market, bag: Booday (蘑菇), birdcage necklace: Accessorize
Andrea of A Cat of Impossible Colour wrote a great post last week on how being the Girl with the Big Glasses used to define her personality -- and still does in a subconscious way. I enjoyed her entry because a couple weeks ago I had a corneal abrasion and had to wear glasses for a few days. I've written before about how putting on specs makes me feel like I'm slipping on a mask and walking around in disguise. I think my sense of style even changed temporarily. And since I had this big thing of plastic on my face, I decided to throw on some bright red lipstick for good measure. This outfit makes me look like an art student, in my opinion. I look like I'm about to go scream at prices for watercolor paper ("That's four sheets for how much!?!?!"). Or maybe I look like a journalism student, which would make sense, because a) I was a journalism student and b) those mitts sure would have come in handy when I developed a raging case of repetitive stress injury while in grad school.


My portable pet Gerry the Bird

The interesting thing about wearing glasses when you are used to contacts is that everything seems narrower, smaller and more distant. My seven-month-old cat looked like a tiny little kitten again. I was verklempt. I guess my glasses aren't just glasses, nor are they just a disguise of sorts -- they are also time machine googles!


  1. I adore your glasses Catherine!! You should definitely wear them more often. So lovely.

    Lulu Letty

  2. Beautiful shades of blue!! Everything looks so vibrant and pretty! I love Gerry ;)

  3. Thanks Maria! I was thinking of getting a new pair because these are a bit heavy for everyday wear, but I'm still thinking of what will be the best fit for my face.

  4. I think you look wonderful in your glasses! I'm glad you enjoyed my post, and that you feel comfortable in your lovely specs - as you should, they suit you. :)

    A xx

  5. Love how you are wearing the scarf!
    And you look adorable in the glasses, especially with the lipstick.

  6. Heavens to Betsy!!!! That necklace and your shoes are divine!

    And I agree on your post about Elizabeth, it's the tiny embellishments that really make it magical. Siiiiigh!