Monday, February 22, 2010

What I'm Sproutin': School Spirit

Navy jacket: See's (a discount store in Taipei), blouse: BCBG sale, yellow skirt: same sale, shoes: Aldo, pendant: F-ck You Barbie, double-stranded choker: self-made, purse: Hayden-Harnett for Target, headband: Accessorize

Blue and gold reminds me of my elementary school, because those were our school colors. I remember being very sad when I realized that gold actually meant "bright yellow." I would have liked to break out the bling on school spirit days!

Then again, I've always been very literal when it comes to dressing up. Our middle school had school spirit weeks. Each day had a different theme; home rooms earned points based on how many students showed up in whatever the costume of the day was. I remember Eighties Day, Backwards Day and Pajama Day. On the latter, I came to school wearing my PJs, which were made out of a soft white jersey and had little pastel flowers on them. They looked like baggy long underwear. It wasn't until I saw my classmates parading around in crisp satin sets from Victoria's Secret and brand-new bunny slippers that I realized there was (is?) an unspoken rule among the student body that you don't wear your actual pajamas to Pajama Day. Whoops! I got funny looks, but then again I always got funny looks, so I didn't care.


I've had this skirt for a little while now. My Mom bought it for me at a BCBG sale when I was in California planning my wedding last year. It also came in navy blue and I debated for a bit until my Mom said I should pick the yellow because I already owned enough clothing in depressing hues. I agreed, but then had a hard time figuring out how to style the skirt until I picked up this structured hoodie. Yes, the jacket is navy blue, but I really like this color combo. When my yellow skirt was hanging unworn in my closet, I regretted not choosing the navy blue, but now I'm glad I have such a cheerful-looking item greeting me every time I get dressed.


To make my outfit a little less preppy (not that there is anything wrong with preppy), I added my anatomically-correct heart pendant from a Taipei-based indie design team called F-ck You Barbie. They also made my beloved brain pendant. The weather's been awful recently in Taipei -- gray, wet and chilly. The lack of sun has made me feel both blue and mentally foggy. Maybe I should wear both my pendants together for good luck. Goodness knows, my brain and heart could use some extra help right now!


  1. Beautiful Catherine! Your bright skirt puts me in a happy mood!


    Lulu Letty

  2. those shoes are RAD.
    and i love that yellow skirt! have you seen this kate spade ad where she's wearing a yellow skirt and bright blue tights?
    i was thinking about it today and wanting to try it, but sadly, i am yellow-skirt-less!

  3. Thanks Maria!

    WWANW: That's such a great photo! Thanks for sending me to it. I have a pair of navy tights and it's given me another idea on how to style the yellow skirt (it definitely falls into the category of "difficult skirt" for me).

  4. Bwahaha the heart necklace never fails to amuse me, plus added tickles from the shop name XDDDD

    I'd love to see the brain & heart necklace combo! After all, you can't live without any one of these two important organs :P

    Also, am really glad that you got the yellow skirt instead of the blue, I think the buttons show up very nicely in this colour, as I don't think they would in a darker shade.

  5. Hello Catherine,

    Pleased to make your acquaintance. I located you via Carol over at jerseygirl blogger. I read your blogger, and today I joined your fan club. I love a cerebral girl who loves quirky vintage stylings with a hip modern twist. I can relate to you and your style on many different levels -- although, I'm not (yet!) an ivy-league alum, but I hope to be someday.

    So, that brings me to my next thought in the form of a question -- where (besides taipei) can someone purchase an anatomically correct pendant? The brain is a hoot!

  6. Ren - I agree about the buttons! That's another reason I chose yellow (plus I have two navy blue skirts already).

    Darlene - It's good to "meet" you! :-) Here's one I found on Etsy (though it presents a top view instead of side). It's called "extra brain," which is precisely how I see my pendant! The seller also has anatomically correct heart pendants.

  7. We have been like twins on separate continents!! And what is the matter with me? How am I so far behind on your posts?!